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Please use the form below to submit your prayer requests. O god, arise pump your fire into my body and inject the blood of jesus into my blood. Power to terrify the enemy, fall upon my life, in the name of jesus. The way god asks you to, the way your kids deserve, and the way you want to. May the lord not reject you, in the name of jesus may the lord give you a heart that is compatible with your destiny, in the name of jesus. Mfm tuesday has declared a sevenday prayer and fasting programme to revolt against coronavirus covid19 ravaging the world. Gods plan to save you from the first chapter of genesis through the closing scenes in revelation, the bible is the book of gods salvation. Jesus x 3, thou son of david, have mercy on me today. Where is the lord god of elijah, arise and kill every poison in my body, in the name of jesus.

Instead of an inner conversation with ourselves we turn away from our inner core towards the one who gave us our very existence, the one in whom we live, and we cooperate with him for his house to be built and finally finished acts 17. Additional gift options are available when buying one ebook at a time. October 2018, marathon prayers to pursue your pursuers, pt. This programme is held every first saturday of each month from 7 am to 12 pm wat. Appreciate god for everything he has done for you and your loved ones this year 2016 psalm 105. Faith in jesus christ is the key to a victorious 2016, keep this in mind as you pray them out. Mountain of fire and miracles ministries mfm houston 3, houston, tx.

Call down the power of god into your life and your environment, holy spirit take control of this prayer programme, in the name of jesus. Pray your way into breakthroughs turnaround edition by john miller also shows you the divine way to open the spiritual gates of a year so that you can enter and prosper within it. Mfm power must change hands prayer points december 2017. Good morning holy spirit a prayer ministry of mfm bowie, md. Nov 27, 2017 mountain of fire and miracles ministries power must change hands prayer guide scripture reading. From the start to finish, its one unifying theme is that of grace and forgiveness for sinner through gods redeeming work in jesus christ. This prayer points will clear off all satanic obstacles standing on your way to your great destiny. Sing song of praise to the lord for the opportunity to be part of this programme. Pray your way to breakthrough kindle edition by olukoya, dr. Hurry and grab your copy today and get booklet posted before the 24th december.

I give god all the praise, all the glory for your life, your teachings and all the lord has done and is still doing in our ministries just by learning under your teachings through your books, tapes, cds and internet programs. Prayer rain introduction prayer is a gift to you and a privilege. Pray your way to breakthrough kindle edition by olukoya. Lord, give me a heart to pray for our government of the united states of america. Jan 01, 2016 now for the prayer points for 2016, ive broken then up into five basic categories as mentioned below. The prayer points for entering the new year 2020 have been released. The gift is offered to all and all may become the wielders of the great power in prayer. Mfm is a doityourself gospel ministry where your hands are trained to wage war and your fingers to do battle. Reviewed in the united states on december 24, 2016. Pray your way to breakthroughs is to give the users prayer life a sharper focus. Daniel kolawole olukoya, exemplary father and spiritual father. And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the tree.

Power of god, flow into the heavenlies, into the waters and underneath the earth and cancel satanic decisions for my life, in the name of jesus. You are invited to the men of valour ministrys special event titled capture your glory ministering. Dedication this book, prayer rain, is dedicated to late apostle joseph ayodele babalola, a. At mfm prayer city, prayer goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nonstop. Pray your way thru to 2018 mfm glenn dale md day 4 youtube. Confess and repent of any sin in your life, and ask god to forgive you 1 john 1. The god that answers by fire will grant your requests by fire in jesus name. Pmch is also broadcast live on satellite tv and over the internet for people residing outside lagos or the federal republic of nigeria. O mfm worldwide in the year that king uzziah died i saw also the lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled. Every obstacle, on my way to glory, be evacuated, in the name of jesus. This and other publications of mfm ministries can be obtained from. That is their problem, not mfms problems because many people. Every witchcraft power, assigned to manipulate me into downfall, i command your power to be broken, in the name of jesus. However, the fact remains that the power of prayer is least exercised by the average believer.

Blood of jesus, flow from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. May 08, 2020 prayer rain is a weekly programme held every friday at mfm prayer city except the friday preceeding power must change hands. There is a mode of approach that is biblical and kingdom. Welcome to mountain of fire and miracles ministries, chicago. Full text of the oeconomicus of xenophon internet archive. Mountain of fire and miracles ministries mfm houston 3. Prayer points for entering the new year 2016 new generation. The eagle is the king of the birds i prophesy into your life, you shall be the king over your circumstances, you shall rule in the midst of your enemies, in the name of jesus. Mfm uk headquarters, 21 queensway, ponders end, enfield, en3 4sz date. Every rage of the enemy assigned to send me backward, break, in the name of. You will do well to learn the art of warfare prayer. Mfm bookshop, olasimbo street, off olumo road, by unilag 2nd gate, onike, yaba, lagos, nigeria. Mfm is a doityourself gospel ministry, where your hands are trained to wge war and your fingers to fight. Here is the 21 powerful midnight prayer points by dr.

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. As you engage this mfm prayer points, i see you rise to the top in jesus name. Archives power must change hands mountain of fire and. Thank you for being availble for god to use for us.

Prayer rain mountain of fire and miracles ministries. Mfm ministries is a full nondenomination gospel ministry devoted to the revival of apostolic signs, holy ghost fireworks, miracles and the unlimited demonstration of the power of god to deliver to the uttermost. Aug 20, 2016 a woman visiting her daughter for omugwo from the south east nigeria had her first baptism of fire the first night she slept in her daughters home when during the midnight hour, she overheard. Evil pronouncements, from the kingdom of darkness to control and manipulate me, i cancel you by fire, in jesus name.

May 17, 2011 may the almighty god bless you and your family, ijn. Good morning my daddy i appreciate all what february 20, 2017. I will get to my destiny at the appointed time, in the name of jesus. Every caldron operated to disgrace me, scatter in the name of jesus. I shall mount up with wings as eagles, please use the 70 days prayer and. Confess all your sins and ask the blood of jesus to wash you clean.

As i go into this battle, i cover myself with the blood of jesus. Power must change hands, popularly known as pmch, is a special service held once a month at mfm prayer city. Not to pray into thin air, but to a person who then responds and acts on our behalf. My father, i thank you for creating water as part of your mysterious creation. Mar 29, 2018 this feature is not available right now. Join us for all of mays prayer rain services as we rain acidic prayers upon every stubborn problems in our lives. My father, make me a mysterious wonder, in the name of jesus. Jul 04, 2014 mountain of fire and miracles ministries events. Pastor kunle adesanya, international coordinator, men of valour worldwide. At mfm, aggressive prayer is considered as an aid to spiritual focus and a check against being overwhelmed by the flesh.

Hello select your address best sellers prime video help. Daily prayer points for october 2016 31 days of prayer for. Power must change hands events mountain of fire and. Every evil load in any part of my body, go back to your senders, in the name of jesus. Mountain of fire and miracles ministries mfm 120 prayers to crush witchcraft vomited by the holy spirit through his servant dr. End the year on a prayerful note and enter into the new year with the touch of god that answers by fire read more.

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